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TACTICAL-OPS INSTRUCTOR: Rick Morello is a professional firearms instructor at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute in Las Vegas Nevada and is a Nevada guard card and CCW instructor. During the last 10 years he has participated in preparing United States Marines for deployment to the Middle East, (urban warfare and patrolling and close quarters combat) has trained diplomatic security agents for the state department, and is an executive protection specialist. He has participated in the training of Swat teams throughout the southwest and has worked with several international counterterrorism groups.

Rick is a senior range master at Front Sight Nevada and because of his contract with Front Sight, he only teaches CCW Day One and Day Two and Nevada guard card classes. Rick is always available to answer any questions regarding Front Sight Firearms Traning Institute. 

Tactical-Ops Nevada sponsors nationally known instructors in firearms and edged weapons throughout the year in Reno. Dates and times will be posted on this web sight.

Specialized law enforcement and military classes are taught on a contract basis.

  • Topics include: Safety, Nevada laws, weapons selection, tactics, awareness, caring for your handgun, methods of carry, low light shooting and more.
  • This class meets all requirements to obtain a Nevada CCW permit. Day two is not required but recommended.
  • Resident or non resident.
  • Class duration - 8 hours.
  • Private or Group classes.               
  • Classes may be scheduled at your requested time and location to accommodate your busy schedule.
  • What to bring: Minimum 30 rounds of ammo per weapon, ear and eye protection.
  • Cost per student: $100.00
  • For more information contact rick@tactical-opsnevada.com

  • This class is not required to obtain a Nevada CCW. Topics covered: vehicle egress, weapons malfunction, back-up weapons, combat mindset, ECQC, weapon disarm, reloades, presentation from holster and lots of shooting.
  • Resident or non-resident
  • Class duration - 8 hours.
  • Private or group classes - limited to 6 students.
  • What to bring: Approximately 300 rounds of ammo, eye and ear protection.
  • Cost per student:
  • Lunch provided.
  • See Training Workshops page for schedule or you may arrange a private class


E-mail Rick Morello at, 


Nevada Guard Card

Training Available

Handgun and long gun laser training also available


Providing military, law enforcement and civilian operators with 'cutting edge' training relevent to operating in todays world.

Courses offered include:
Advanced Handgun
Edge Weapons
Aviation Security Operations
Maritime Operations
LE Training